About Us

Diane Basemera, Founder and CEO of Amooti.org

 Diane Basemera, founder and CEO 


Amooti is an e-commerce platform that empowers African artisans and fashion designers by expanding their market to people living in North America, who are interested in unique exotic handmade art and fashion. Amooti is providing easy access to the African inspired products, while telling the stories of the Artisans.

We hope to bring more purpose and meaning to people living in North America, through these handmade products. We want to share the African culture and resonate with millions of people, who wish to share a bit of their culture with their loved ones.

The objective behind this platform is to enrich the lives of skilled Africans, whose livelihoods depend on this income. 

From the founder:

I am a proud African from Uganda, based in Boston, Massachusetts. The dream is to sell an array of artsy products all the way from Africa to cultivate the culture, colors and the unique arts of Africa whilst boosting the African economy. 

Most of you want to feed the craving to shop something refreshing, rich, colorful and different. Tribal patterns are fascinating; curiosity is what keeps us seeking for more, yearning for life, love, and color, this is where we as a team come in. 

At Amooti, we feel your sentiments, and know what it means to have your wishes at your door step in no time! And that is why we created a marketplace, a platform to ensure you are spoilt for choice! Here, anybody can sell, everybody can buy.

MISSION: Creating a platform that connects people who love exotic high-quality products to the makers of authentic crafts, thus helping people seize and truly value the beautiful African heritage.  

VISION:To change the lives of gifted and inspired people by giving them a platform to share their talents and culture, while creating a source of income for them. Africa is a developing continent, and every purchase on this platform transforms a life and gives hope to a skilled person, who could have almost given up.

Everyone is a winner, Welcome to the Amooti Family!