About Us

Amooti is a dream… I have a dream!

I have a special friend who is not from Africa or anywhere near. I wanted to buy him a gift that would show him a bit of where I come from. I wanted to amuse him and share my heritage with him.  I am from Uganda, the land of culture, tribe, color and beautiful unique art.

I know many of you resonate with me_ you want to share a bit of you with the people who matter. Most of you want to feed the craving to shop something refreshing, rich, colorful and different. Tribal patterns are fascinating; curiosity is what keeps us seeking for more, yearning for life, love and color.

At Amooti we feel your sentiments, and know what it means to have your wishes at your door step in record time! And that is why we created a market place, a platform to ensure you are spoilt for choice!

Amooti is an online Market place for African Inspired products. Anybody can sell, everybody can buy.


Sharing beautiful Africa with the rest of the world_ making Africa more accessible to anyone at any time.


To change the lives of gifted and inspired people by giving them a platform to share their talents and culture, while creating a source of income for them.

Africa is a developing continent, and every purchase on this platform transforms a life and gives hope to a skilled person, who could have almost given up.

Everyone is a winner, Welcome to the Amooti Family!