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What sells on Amooti.

You can sell anything African inspired. Examples incude: Fashion like clothes, shoes, bags, accessories. Literature and Music can be sold. If you have any unique product, please contact us at so that we can get  you started with selling

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  1. Create a shop by filling in a form with your details and what you are about.
  2. Upload your images and set your prices.

Listing is free

  1. There is no charge for listing.
  2. You can list as many items as you like.
  3. Only list items you have available

Upload photos

  1. Get good photography done for your products, Remember the internet is about visual appeal. Be sure not to alter the true reflection of your product. If you need help in this area, we are willing to help.
  2. Upload your images and set your prices.
  3. Start selling!

So you made a sale? Yes!

Sellers within the US are encouraged to ship their products as soon as possible because there are USPS stores in every town. Sellers outside North America especially from Africa, we got your back, Do not fret! Scroll down for more information.

Shipping from US

  1. If you are located in the US and make a sale, please package your product with protective materials.
  2. If a customer needs the air shipping, please print a UPS-Amooti shipping label that will be automatically generated once you make a sale.
  3. Stick the label to your packaging
  4. give it to any UPS pickup truck in your local neighborhood or drop off to your local UPS store
  5. Feeling lazy? call UPS to pick up product at your house. Ofcourse, this comes with a little price, but you don’t have to pay for it there and then as it will be automatically deducted from your account.
  6. You will receive your pay only after the buyer has received their package.
  7. Net income, will be received on your amooti account weekly.

Shipping from outside the US to a buyer in the USA.

  1. Sellers outside the US especially in Africa are encouraged to ship their products in bulk to the amooti headquarters as this is more cost effective. If you need help doing this, please contact us at
  2. Amooti will then ship your products around the US as they are purchased using the same procedure as described above.

Important: sellers outside the US manage their listings, pricing and should only upload images of the products we have received. Please email us for any questions.

Get paid

  1. money will be received on the account associated with your amooti profile.

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