It’s so tempting to ignore fashion while it’s hot outside, but it is definitely possible to enjoy a fashionable look in the heat of the summer by pairing African necklaces with your look!  When it comes time to hit the neighborhood barbecue or summer night party, a little accessorizing is necessary to elevate the outfit. A necklace effortlessly jazzes up anything from a sundress to a t-shirt. There are several different types of African necklaces that suit a summer wardrobe:

Beaded Necklaces 

Beaded necklaces such as this one add a splash of color to a simple outfit. They allow for a mix of eclectic materials, such as wood, glass, plastic, that complement a basic tank top or button-down. A beaded necklace is ideal for a carefree, bohemian summer look. After a day at the pool, one can slip into a cover-up and a put on a beaded necklace to create a fresh, low maintenance outfit worthy of an evening on the town. 

Statement Necklaces 

These bold necklaces put their wearer's personality on display. At any summer get-together, a statement necklace really stands out without overwhelming the outfit. These show-stopping necklaces pop against solid-colored shirts. Whether the necklace is chunky and geometric or loaded with gemstones, the “look-at-me flair” of the statement necklace takes summery white linens to the next level.

Choker-Style Necklaces

Choker-style necklaces are a trendy must-have for the summer months. Because they highlight the neck and collarbones, they pair well with equally trendy strapless and off-the-shoulder tops. A choker-style necklace pulls together a monochromatic outfit nicely. Those who dislike flashy jewelry will appreciate the choker--it can be as thin as a shoelace.

Leather Necklaces

A leather necklace turns ordinary pool and beachwear into an authentic, surfer chic ensemble. Leather necklaces come in a range of earthy browns color that go with laid back neutrals, spice up denim, and can tone down a brightly colored print. These necklaces are subtle, but they have an edge of toughness that enhances any outdoorsy summer look, and they're durable enough to withstand a day in the waves.

Multi-Strand Necklaces

Multi-strand necklaces glamorize a deep-cut shirt or dress. They might get lost against a busy, colorful pattern, but they pair nicely with either delicate pastels or vivid jewel tones. Summer doesn't provide many opportunities to wear layered clothing. But on a cool evening outing, a tank top and a breezy blazer are the perfect setting for an elegant multi-strand necklace. 

It can be difficult to find jewelry that's light enough for summer, but attractive enough to make an outfit pop. The right necklace will definitely add flair to summer fashion. It can dress up an ensemble with different textures and materials. Whether it's a colorful beaded necklace or something simpler, it will draw eyes towards the neck and face. So it's important for the wearer to select a necklace that fits the cut of the outfit and the wearer's personality.