In my search for unique meaningly African beaded jewelry, I learned the term African slave-beads. I also learned that they can be referref to as African trade-beads or Aggry-beads.

I learnt about this unique African beaded jewelry, when one of the Amooti Sellers, Karthy from Lanugo shipped her latest handmade Jewelry. We normally review inventory from Africa through images of the product before it is shipped. I remember right before setting her African products aboard at Entebbe Airport, Karthy called me and said she had a surprise for me. On receipt, indeed I did saw some charming warm yellow necklaces and grew very curious. I quickly called her and asked about them. She told me they are called African slave beads.

 red or pink are made from Coconut.  red or pink are made from Coconut.

I went quiet for a moment. Feeling goosebumps on my skin, my heart skipping a beat and then pounding faster. A shocking name for jewelry. Mental questions and possible answers. Giggles from Karthy interrupted my thoughts. She seemed to know where my mind was. Karthy assured she too had her own moment when she heard the name and the story of the beads.

Doing, what she loves to do, She delved into sharing this African history and Culture that connects each one of us.

The history

The African slave beads are a beautiful sentiment to wear or share with other people through Crafts like African inspired necklaces.

The slave beads were crafted from glass and originated from Europe and were exchanged with African leaders in West Africa for Slaves or Gold. To the West Africans, especially Ghana, they were regarded as a symbol of wealth. The more trade beads one had, the wealthier one was considered. You can guess what our ancestors did? Yes, they traded more and more human beings and sure did give away more and more gold.

About the product

The product Karthy shipped to me was thoughtfully picked out for you to feel connected with African ancestry or gift a friend or even rock on your little black dress or top liek a stylish diva!

The yellow stones we selected are made from Amber

The yellow stones we selected are made from Amber while the stones in red or pink are made from Coconut. The Slave beads are the blue glassy beads with tribal designs. The style is specifically meant to bring a pop of color to a dull situation or even a conversation starter.

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Look out for the next blog on how to wear the slave necklaces