Now that African inspired fashion is getting even more trendy, many of you have been asking us how you can add exotic African jewelry to your work / office / professional clothing. Rocking the right African inspired jewelry is equally as important as wearing the right clothing. This not only improves your confidence, but you are also dressed for success. Luckily, African jewelry comes in many forms, from bald pieces to simple pieces, from beadwork to unique rocks and some of it handmade  from unique materials like Ankara fabric, refined cowbone and coconut.

Here are some ways to wear African jewelry at work

Consider work culture and environment. 

Some African jewelry comes in bald styles and some in simple styles. One has to consider their work environment and culture. For example, the bold African jewelry can be worn well in a less conservative work environment like a funky PR Agency, while the simple one can be used in a more conservative work environment like a law firm. I know a splash of color and pattern might be upon us, but if one piece of jewelry is made of different patterns and colors, please wear it with a plain-colored shirt or dress to balance out the effects on the eyes. Trust me the color in you will pop out better.

white man in african jewelryStatement Jewelry can easily be worn in less conservative work places


Take note of the weight of the jewelry to ensure comfort. You do not want to be distracted all day with the extra weight. A heavy necklace might turn out challenging to carry if you are seated on a desk all day. Some african jewelry looks heavy yet it is actually light and vice versa. Always try to read the product specifications before buying.

bald jewelrySome african jewelry looks heavy yet it is actually light and vice versa

Simplicity goes a long way

The simple african piece of jewelry is always “safe” and easy to wear on any outfit. Such pieces normally come with simple one-line designs and sometimes one 1-3 colors. These are great for a conservative environment and can be worn on both plain and patterned clothing.


Client meetings

If you have to meet clients for work, simple and sophisticated look is ideal. Bald patterns and colors can be a distraction during the meeting, yet you really want the client focused on what you are saying and not your jewelry. 

Pick one

In a professional environment, selecting one african piece of jewelry to work with is more stylish. You can either wear the African earrings alone, and may be add a bracelet with it or just an African necklace alone. A combination of all three might be overwhelming. If you choose to wear African print clothing, we recommend plain African jewelry.


Noisy jewelry is best worn after work hours, so please be mindful of clinking bracelets and tinkling earrings. With bracelets, you can select the firm beaded type or the study selection. With earrings, the non-metallic ones are ideal.



Most Importantly:

Don’t be afraid to show personality or stay connected with the African Culture through Jewelry. However, don’t let it distract you from the professional traits you want to show at the office. As always be mindful of where you work, whether it is a funky PR agency, a non-profit or a law office. If there are corporate ladders to climb, please do dress for success.