It is getting cooler in Boston with a few chilly Fall nights, we can’t help but think of the different warmer parts of the world. As an African online market place, we are always thrilled to share other tit bit facts about Africa other than the trendy African Fashion or Art. As we reminisce the past summer weather, did you know that the Great Sahara desert is comprised of 13 unique deserts?. Yes! It gets warmer than that! Read on and we will try to amuse your curiosity.

By the way, the Sahara Desert is on my bucket list... Just putting this out there, just to clear the air, just in case.. :-), who knows, you know.. So, According to Wikipedia, the Sahara is the largest hot desert covering 31% of Africa. Below are some images that might explain the bucketlist idea. Well, I also want to connect with my roots.. why, am I explaining my self?

The 13 deserts of the Sahara


Even more deserts

Even More

And finally