An image of dancers from the 2017 African Festival


Since 60’s, Africa Symbolizes 25th may as African Day, Africa liberation day or Africa Freedom Day. This day is extremely vital and near to the souls for African people, because the Africans’ renounced their lives for this day and procured freedom from European colonizers.

 Africa Day is a celebration loaded with a lot of positive energy, elevating heritage, traditions, diversity and unity amongst Africans 


The day is loaded with a lot of positive energy, encouraging youth, empowering women, promoting Love and amicability. Elevating heritage and traditions, diversity and unity amongst the Africans is so overwhelming that you are unintentionally mingled with your heart and soul.This inspires me to be more traditional oriented and to dissolve in the love within several diversities. They come together and spread out love by cooking their cultural recipes to signify that Love has no caste, gender, creed, color and they are just immense from within hearts.

Africa Day enables us to pay tribute to the legends and courageous women of the continent who yielded their valuable lives to overcome imperialism and politically-sanctioned racial segregation in the assurance of power and human respect. This is awakening and humbling.

We asked a few people what Africa day means to them

Luciana Daly: To me AFRICA is the birth place of humanity, the great continent that birthed the original people of the planet earth. The Black Woman and Black Man. To me Africa is home to all of her children, wherever we are scattered across the planet earth, and it is the very essence from which my people, my history and culture came from. To me Africa is the MOTHERLAND 





Bharti Mathur: Africa is a blend of cultures, a splash of colors and the spirit of absolute unity! That's what Africa Day should be too.






Diane Basemera: Africa Day to me is a reminder that the continent is a master piece collage. Every unique country and tribe is very important to complete the beautiful art, culture and color. Africa Day is another opportunity to share more of where I come from. I have done this already through launching a market place that shares african inspired Art, Fashion and Culture. Browse the platform and learn more about the products or attend our join us at our events around Boston



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