Are you looking for the perfect gift for your mom just in time for Mother’s Day? African jewelry is a perfect choice, but it can be difficult to choose the right piece.  Your goal is to find something that is meaningful and that she’ll absolutely love. Here is some advice that will help you select the African jewelry that your mom is sure to love: 

Consider Her Style

Think carefully about what your mom’s personal style is and then select a piece that will fit well with her taste. For example, if you notice that she tends to wear bright earrings, you should consider finding a pair that is similar to what she had. If she never seems to wear earrings, consider buying her an African necklace or bracelet, instead. You’ll also want to make sure that the colors you choose go well with the clothes in her wardrobe. If the jewelry you choose doesn’t match, she’s unlikely to enjoy it as much.


Select a Jewelry Category

Another tip that can help you narrow down your choices is to pick a jewelry category to browse through and stick with it. For example, you’ll want to decide if you want to get her a certain type of African jewelry, such as beaded jewelry, or if you want to get her a necklace, earrings, bracelet, etc. Sticking with a certain type can help you zero in on the pieces that she’ll absolutely love.

The word for mother in Swahili is Mama. The word for mother in Zulu is Unina. The word for mother in Yoruba is Iya, and the word for mother in Igbo is Nne.

Make it Meaningful

Chances are pretty good that you know your mom pretty well. That’s why it is such a good idea to take the time to make your jewelry gift extra meaningful. For example, if you know that she loves Ankara prints, consider buying her jewelry pieces in the Ankara style. If you know that she has a favorite color, buying jewelry that showcases this color will show her how much you care. Taking the time to do this will make the gift feel extra special.

Consider the Size of the Piece

When buying jewelry for your mom, you’ll also want to consider the size of the piece and how it will look on her body. For example, if your mother’s wrists are narrow, you won’t want to buy a bracelet that is too big, otherwise it might not fit. If you get a chance, browse through her existing jewelry collection so that you can get a feel the sizes she favors. If she favors delicate pieces and you buy her something clunky, for example, she might not appreciate it as much.

When choosing an African jewelry gift for your mom, you’ll naturally want to select the pieces that she’ll love the most. Start by paying attention to the types of jewelry that she already wears and then browse through our jewelry selections to see what’s out there. You’re sure to find something she’ll really enjoy!