Decorating with African large-scale art is something that can enhance any home. Not only that, but decorating with this type of art is also a huge trend in decorating right now. Incorporating this type of art into your existing décor is also a great way to share with people aspects of the African culture. The art is also beautiful and really worth showcasing. Here’s a look at the best ways to decorate with this type of art for some of the major rooms in your home. 


African large-scale art can easily be used to enhance your kitchen. Hang it on a bare wall directly behind the kitchen table or next to a large window, of you have them. Cover your table with colored linens that bring out the colors in painting. You can also paint the wall behind the painting a complementary accent color that help draw the eye to the painting.


A large-scale painting showcasing scenes from Africa can also enhance your foyer. This area is the first thing that you see when you walk into the house, and if it is well decorated, it can really enhance your mood when you walk through the day. Hang the painting on a visible wall and consider placing a small table in front of it. Consider placing simple objects on the table in front of the painting, such as a glass vase in a color that accentuates the painting.

Living Room

Are you looking for an easy way to make a statement in your living room? Consider hanging African large-scale art directly over the couch. This is a centralized location and it will do a lot to set the town for the rest of the décor in the room. Make sure that the other elements of the room, such as the curtains, flooring, couch, and furniture are all in colors and styles that look great with the painting. When using large-scale art in a common room like this, you need all the major elements in the room to look great with one another. 


The bedroom is another great place for large-scale art depicting African scenes. This is especially great in larger bedrooms such as the master bedroom since there is usually more wall space, but it really is great for any bedroom, even smaller ones. The ideal spot for larger paintings would be above the bed or even next to a large window. Painting the walls a light accent color can help draw the eye to the painting. Hanging curtains and buying bed linens and blankets in complementary colors is also important. The goal is to choose accent colors that pick up on elements of the painting. This will help draw the eye to the art and create a nice focal point.

African large-scale art can enhance any room in your home and it also serves to showcase aspects of the African culture.