Amooti takes pride in helping gifted artisans of Africa share their culture and craft ideas with the western modern society of the United States. We offer a wide variety of different arts, crafts, and African-made clothing and apparel for both men and women. Not only do we offer a different avenue for artisans to get their products shown, we introduce a new layer of style and fashion to Boston residents. With each product, we highlight the artisan that crafted the item in question. This week we want to highlight an artisan that has provided us with a new slate of headwrap products.

woman tailoring

Her name is Nantale Jane and she is the definition of a self-made woman, who we should all take inspiration from. She started studying general tailoring to master the ins and outs of creating her own craft; to stitch every part of her visions. After schooling Natale started her head wrapping business in 1998. To make her products, she uses materials and prints called super wax and java. Super wax prints are popular fabrics that are used in African culture. They are known for their vibrant colors as well as their multicolored designs that give the fabric a modern feel. Java is a fabric that is also widely known and used in African culture and fashion. Similar to super wax, Java designs are traditionally vivid and rich in color. By using a combination of both materials, Nantale can tailor together beautiful headwraps that will make you stand out from the crowd when wearing them at any event. 

woman tailoring side view

During her entrepreneurship journey, like with most, she had some hurdles to overcome. During this time her father had passed away, so she had to take care of her family while working. In addition to that, she took extra time to educate both of her younger siblings while still crafting beautiful items! With the success of her head-wrapping business she was able to afford a piece of land in Kampala to start expanding her business and production even more. Talk about your self-made woman!

woman smiling wearing head wrap

It is stories like Nantale’s that give us more pride in what we do with sharing Africa with our society. A hard-working woman looking to get her gifts shown to the rest of the world. If you would like to purchase one of her beautiful headwraps, contact us today!