Amooti had the pleasure of being part of the Mass Innovations Night 111 on June 13th at the ABCD’s Thelma D. Burns building in Boston. Mass Innovation Nights are a chance for new and upcoming companies or brands to highlight themselves to the public to further develop their company as well as expand their clientele and audience.

We were extremely humbled to be in attendance during this occasion as it helped us gain more relationships with new people as well as learning new and exciting things about being a startup from the other organizations that were in attendance. During this event, there was a voting system in place for people who attended to vote on their favorite company of the night. Amooti is proud to announce that we positioned in second place among all the other companies that were apart of this special night.

Getting second place is a huge accomplishment as it helps our brand become more well-known to help project our African-made products to Boston and beyond! This win also motivates us to continue to do what we love about sharing the African culture and fashion with residents of Boston Massachusetts.

Amooti wants to thank Mass Innovations for having us and giving us the stage to demonstrate to the public our vision of providing African clothing and apparel online to help artisans in Africa spread their art and culture!