When decorating your home, it is important to turn your space into a unique reflection of who you are. To do this, you’ll no doubt want to bring some unique items into your home to make a statement. Handcrafted wooden bowls from Africa are examples items you can use to spice things up in your décor. Even if the bowl was created for something practical, they can also be used to decorate. For example, the bowl that is pictured here was originally created as a salad bowl, but it can be used to decorate, as well. Here’s a look at some of the ways you can use handcrafted bowls as part of your home’s décor:

Stick to a Theme

If you’re looking to add wooden bowls to an existing decorating scheme, you’ll want to stick to the theme of the room when adding the bowl. For example, if you have certain colors in your room, you’ll want to choose an African wooden bowl that goes along with the color scheme. If you’re decorating with all African pieces, you can consider placing other African objects, such as sculptures, inside the bowl. Wooden bowls offer you the chance to showcase your already existing style.

Create an Attractive Centerpiece

Are you looking for a beautiful centerpiece that you can place on your kitchen or dining room table? African wooden bowls are perfectly suited for this! You can either let the beauty of the bowl stand on its own, or you can fill it with items such as small sculptures, decorative rocks, or decorative, faux fruit that you can find at craft stores or decorated stores. In fact, you can fill these bowls with just about anything you desire!

Develop a Natural Look

Wooden bowls are also perfect anywhere in your home that you want to bring an element of nature to your décor. This is especially true when the bowl is finished so that its natural beauty shines through. Professional decorators often add natural elements like these bowls to create a unique look. For instance, by placing a natural wooden bowl on a white table, you can make your décor look even more interesting. You can add to the look by filling it with other natural elements, such as pinecones, flowers, and even rocks. Wooden bowls that were handmade in Africa are beautiful enough to use in your home’s décor, even if they were created for a practical purpose. The goal is to think about your personal decorating style and find ways to incorporate the bowls that enhances your style. It is true that wooden bowls often have a practical purpose. However, just because they may have been created for a certain purpose doesn’t mean that they can’t become part of your decorating scheme! Consider incorporating several throughout your home to change up your look while still enhancing your existing decorating scheme.