While dressing for work, it’s only natural that you’ll want to wear the pieces that best reflect your personal style. The good news is that you don’t need to wait until after work to wear your African clothing. By following these simple tips, you can find a way to bring your love of African style to the workplace so that you can show everyone what your true style is:

Know the Dress Code

Most places of business have a dress code that they want employees to follow. No matter what the policy is, however, you can always find a way to incorporate your African style. For example, if your workplace only lets you wear black and white, you can easily wear an outfit that includes African black and white zebra print without violating the policy. However, you need to know the rules before you can figure out how to adapt them to your style.

While determining the dress code, pay attention to whether or not you need to wear full business attire or whether it is appropriate to wear casual or business casual clothes. This can help you decide exactly how much African clothing you can wear to your workplace. For example, if you are able to wear casual clothes, you may be able to wear an outfit with full African attire.

Wear African Clothing With Your Suit

Even if you work in a business environment and are required to wear suits or other full business attire, that doesn’t mean you can’t wear your African clothing! For example, you can easily pair a blouse in an African print with your suit or wear an African dress with a fitted suit jacket. For men, consider wearing an African bow tie instead of a regular tie with your suit in order to give your business outfit an African flair. Just keep in mind that full business attire tends to be on the more formal side, which means that you can still wear your African clothing, but you may not b able to make it the focal point of your outfit.

Choose One Item to Wear

While it can certainly be fun to wear African clothing from head to toe, this may not be the best approach for work. Instead, consider choosing one item to wear with your regular business entire. You can make a statement by wearing a shirt in an African print with a solid-colored pair of pants or skirt. Or, you can always wear an African print dress, skirt, or pants but pair it with something simple. The goal is to showcase your African style while also taming it with simpler business attire. Choosing one item is perfect for those who need to adhere to a stricter dress code or who need to wear business casual or full business attire.

Using these tips, you’ll be able to wear African clothing no matter what the dress code is at your place of work!