There is nothing quite like the unique and personal beauty of handmade African jewelry. Wearing pieces that are mass-produced, while certainly a popular option, doesn’t have the impact that handmade pieces do. It's rather refreshing when your precious ornaments stand out. Handmade jewelry is a good choice for four distinct reasons:


 Makes a Great Fashion Statement

Handmade African jewelry makes a great fashion statement and the fact that it was made somewhere exotic makes it even more special. The stones, beads, metals and cultural appeal of each piece makes wearing it not only feel special, but it can give you a distinct look. The pieces you choose to wear are a reflection of your personal style. Not only that, but the handmade jewelry helps create our persona in the way each piece drapes, sits or hangs and how the ornaments shine and the textures they exude.


Support Talented Artisans

Another reason to wear handmade jewelry from Africa is that you can use it to help support talented artisans. Each crafter has taken the time to design a unique piece and pay attention to all the tiny details that go into that one creation. On the other hand, mass-produced jewelry often entails an assembly line where major quantities of the same jewelry item are produced in large quantities over and over again. The materials are purchased at a cheaper cost, and everything looks alike. In addition, the quality is often sub-par.

Buying handmade supports the small business owner and/or artisan who hav taken years to hone their craft. The talent is often exceptional, and these talented artists can also create special pieces the buyer might have in mind.

Support Eco-Friendly Practices

Anytime we can all help the planet is a really good thing, and handmade jewelry serves that purpose brilliantly. Things like storage, packaging and transportation on a larger or mass-produced stage impact the environment. An artisan manages and uses local resources sustainably and also has respect for cultural identity when using pieces from faraway lands in Western markets. Fair trade practices also make buying these pieces worthwhile because they provide multiple opportunities to struggling artists to build their businesses and support their families.

Handmade Jewelry is High Quality

Since artisans take a lot of care in the goods that they produce, this usually means that African jewelry that has been made by hand is of a higher quality than mass-produced jewelry pieces. Not only that, but personally crafted items are made with excellent materials. The price you pay might be a little higher, but be assured that these handmade bracelets, rings, pendants and more have been carefully designed, crafted and "built" to last.

Putting on a piece of gorgeous African jewelry should mean something and the fact that it is handmade will make it even more special. Visit to browse through all of our jewelry choices.