Do you want to honor the African culture in your home? When decorating your living room, you should consider doing so with an African theme! Whether you want to add just a few African elements in your living room or you want to go all out, there are plenty of options for you. Here’s a look at some of the ways you can bring the African culture to your living room:

Choose At Least One Statement Piece

The first thing you should do is buy one statement piece that will serve as the focal point in your room and then base the rest of the décor on that one piece. For example, if you buy one large-scale painting and place it over the couch, you can then select fabrics, colors, furniture, and other living room accessories that will complement that painting. However, a good living room décor arrangement starts with that one statement piece. You can build the entire look of the room, however, on that one focal point.

Add Other Accent Pieces

As mentioned above, you will want to start building the look on that one African accent piece. However, you can have more than one statement piece in the room that will make a statement. For example, you can have more than one African painting hanging on your walls, or you can buy a painting and a few sculptures to draw the eye to different corners of the room. It all depends on your personal style and what you want to accomplish with the room. You can also arrange the room so that you have one statement piece, such as a large-scale African painting, and some secondary pieces, such as smaller paintings or other sculptures and decorative accessories.

Choose the Rest of Your Décor

Once you decide on which African paintings and sculptures you want in your living room, the next step is to decide on the rest of the furniture, colors, and decorative elements that you want. Ideally, everything you select should complement the statement pieces in some way. You don’t necessarily need to buy all new furniture if you don’t want. There are simpler and less expensive ways to complement the accent piece while decorating the room with an African theme. For example, you should at least hang some curtains or buy some accent pillows in colors that will complement the African pieces. 

As you can see, you have a lot of choices as to how to decorate your living room with an African theme. If you don’t want to change your living room décor entirely, one statement piece, such as an African large scale painting or a beautiful sculpture can go a long way to giving the room an African feel without making too many changes.