The Fall season is still going strong as we segway into the winter and holiday season. With this change, Amooti has new products that you will love and will go great with your fall attire! Amooti has new products ranging from handbags, purses, clutches, backpacks, and fanny packs. All of these new bag items are brought to you by our seller "Authentic Africa Stuffs" who is proud to share their culture and artistic patterns with the world.

Here is the back story of the seller of these amazing African new products.

"I started my craft when I was still going to school in order to make extra money for survival. After high school, I took on hand making bags and other crafts as a full time job. I breathe love and passion in my work. I was privileged to learn this skill from my uncle, Elijah.

My name is Samuel Berfi and I come from Kumasi, Ghana. I hope you enjoy my products.  Please don't forget to leave us feedback and share the love with your friends and family"

 African Clutch Purses

Since the holiday season will be approaching, you will probably be attending different holiday parties and events. Carry your essentials with you without having to lug a big bag around with your own African-made clutch purse! It is great for evenings, parties or casual outings if you want to travel light. A perfect gift for her that you know is made from quality as it was handmade from Kumasi, Ghana.

woman holding blue african print clutch purse

African Handbags

If you prefer to have a bigger bag to carry everything you need for the day then Authentic Africa Stuffs has the handbags for you! Each handbag at Amooti has a variety of different African Ankara patterns and designs as well as being made up of Ankara fabrics. These bags are great for multi-purpose use such as school, work, parties, casual wear, and much more.

women holding african handbags

African Backpacks

 Fan of backpacks? Great, because Amooti has new backpacks that are stylish, handmade and represent the motherland through its patterns and fabric! Each backpack is made from Ankara fabrics that can hold virtually anything you can think of and will be a conversation starter at school, work, and more!

men together wearing backpacks

African Fanny Packs

Just like with our new backpacks, the latest African crafted fanny packs are made up from Ankara fabric with authentic African prints on it. The perfect solution for phones, credit cards, and other small items you'll need for the day or event.

man wearing an African fanny pack