Why wear on piece of African jewelry when you can wear more than one piece and have it look great? Although summer means fewer clothing layers to hide under, that doesn’t mean you can’t wear multiple pieces of jewelry! When done correctly, you can wear as many pieces as you want. You just need to know how to take advantage of this trend the right way. Here are some tips on how you can stack African jewelry this summer:


When it comes to wearing more than one necklace, there are a few things to keep in mind. You can take a few different approaches when stacking African necklaces. Some tips include stacking necklaces of different lengths with each other. For example, short necklaces can look great with long, beaded necklaces. Your main goal is to find necklaces that look great together without overwhelming your outfit.


When it comes to stacking necklaces, you can also incorporate different chains with beautiful pendants into the mix. Varying lengths will ensure each individual chain can be seen and dangling pendants and charms won't tangle up in other chains. Start with one the fits closer to the neck and go longer with each chain after that. Make sure there is space between each one so it doesn't resemble a metal collar. Three to four necklaces should give just the right look. 


A stack full of bracelets is a great look for summer jewelry. You can showcase the stack by featuring it on one arm, but it also looks great when you deck out both arms. This is also a good look for both day and night, depending on what you’re wearing. Stack colorful bracelets with a simple top and a pair of jeans, or wear your most elegant bangles for a night out. You can stack any kind of bracelets that you want, as long as they look great together and match your outfit.


Stacking earrings is also another trendy thing you can do with your African jewelry and it is a perfect tactic for those with several piercings. A simple guideline to follow is: as the area on the ear gets smaller, so should the earrings. Lobes can handle the larger hoops or statement earrings, while small hoops or studs should touch the cartilage, or go for a decreasing bottom to top all hoops or all studs look.

Be fearless with this stacked jewelry style. Layering summer jewelry is a beautiful, bold way to express oneself with accessories. Visit Amooti.org for ideas on great jewelry that you can stack.