There is nothing like a great African statement necklace to complete your look. Not only do they look stunning, but also there are endless ways to wear them. Not only are these necklaces practical but this is also a huge trend. Since these necklaces are so versatile there are endless ways to wear them. Here are some ideas for was you can wear these fashionable necklaces:

Give Your Outfit Some Color

If you’re a fan of neutrals or all black, consider adding a bright bold pop of color with a statement necklace. This will help you break up your outfit and give it a focal point. Pick colors that show off your personality or mood to add a more personal touch. With styles that range from large and chunky to subtle and delicate, you can easily find one that you’ll be comfortable wearing.

Make a T-Shirt Look Glamorous

For a more urban look, pair an African statement necklace with your favorite graphic t-shirt. This unlikely combination is surprisingly chic. The necklace will give you a more modern look without being too dressy, and due to the simplicity of the graphic tee, your necklace will still be able to stand out. Consider pairing this combo with a leather or jean jacket to give the look some edge. 

Update Your Weekend Look

Whether you’re running your weekend errands or grocery shopping, everyone has their favorite “on the go” outfit. Adding an African statement necklace to this look helps boost it to the next level. It will give you the appearance of looking more put together, and make people think you spent more time getting ready. Stick with a necklace that isn’t super bright, but maybe offers a little sparkle to catch the attention of those you pass. You never know whom you might run into.

Create a Look for Special Occasions

Now is the time to shine! A heavier piece is the perfect accessory when you’re getting all dolled up. This eye-catching accessory can transform your look instantly. Don’t be afraid to step your comfort zone and try an exceptionally flashy necklace. 

Create a Modern Look

If you prefer a simpler, modern look, this trend can work for you too. Stick to geometric shapes and metals. The sharp lines will compliment your outfit while giving it a point of interest that isn’t overpowering. Metals or metallic tones help create a sophisticated and classy look.

Make a Collared Shirt Interesting

Give your work clothes an upgrade by adding a statement necklace to your collection. Keep the colors neutral and soft. Wearing the necklace over your buttoned up shirt adds flair while still looking polished and professional. This can also give you an opportunity to add some depth to an otherwise plain shirt. Pair this look with a blazer and you’ll feel unstoppable.

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